What You Should Know About Custom Mouthguards

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Did you know that brushing and flossing your teeth every day is a very important aspect of caring for your oral health? While you probably did, had you heard that the toothpaste you use can actually keep your teeth healthy and strong?

Fortunately, there are several options you could consider buying, such as store bought mouthguards, but they probably won’t fit as well as other options will. This may not seem like a serious issue, but if your teeth don’t fit well in your mouthguard, you could be more vulnerable to injury. Similarly, store bought mouthguards probably won’t be very comfortable.

Fortunately, you could also choose a mouthguard made specifically for your smile. Aside from fitting better, these mouthguards could be much more comfortable and will protect your teeth more efficiently. Custom mouthguards can also help you breathe better while you’re active. Still, would you be surprised to learn that many mouthguards can actually block airflow? Naturally, this could be a serious problem since your body needs oxygen. However, some claim that you’ll be able to breathe better with a custom mouthguard than without one.

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