The Information You Need About the American Dental Association Seal

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The American Dental Association seal of acceptance is something you should look for on every oral hygiene and dental care product you purchase. This logo represents safety and effectiveness and it tells you which products are best for your smile. The logo is a small, green square that has green lettering inside. The lettering says “ADA Accepted,” which means that the product has passed tests that exceed ADA’s expectations.

The ADA does not receive compensation for placing this logo on dental care products, and the seal is never sold. The ADA simply wants to help you pick the best products for your smile so you can finally reach the strong and successful oral health you deserve. Some products that have the seal of approval include:

· Denture adhesives and denture cleansers
· Flossing products
· Sports mouthguards
· Mouthwash, including fluoride, antibacterial, and nonprescription rinse
· Emergency tooth preservation products
· Temporary pain relievers
· Sugar-free chewing gum that prevents cavities
· Teeth-whitening bleach
· Fluoride brush-on gel
· Toothbrushes
· Toothpaste
· Water filters

If you have any questions about the seal of approval or about the motives of the American Dental Association, please feel free to call 301-540-8808 and talk to Dr. Ronald Levine or a member of our dental team. We are more than happy to give you the answers you need so you can understand more about the best and safest products for your smile!