The Basics of Root Canals

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The words “root canal” cause many patients to envision long, painful procedures and a difficult period of recovery. Over the years, root canals have received a poor reputation, but root canal care is vital because it can preserve teeth that would otherwise need to be extracted. Dr. Ronald Levine and our team are happy to give you the basics on root canal treatment to help you understand why this treatment is so important.


The dental pulp located in the inner chamber of your tooth houses the blood vessels and nerve endings that keep your smile in good health, and if infection from tooth damage reaches the chamber, the dental pulp must be removed. With root canal treatment, we can save the overall structure of your tooth and restore the structure with a dental crown.

Root canal treatment typically takes two visits, with our dentist first using a drill to access the pulp and then removing the infected pulp and cleaning out the chamber to remove all traces of infection. Dr. Ronald Levine will then enlarge the chamber and place gutta percha, a healing material, to replace the dental pulp, and then seal the tooth.

Following this procedure, our team will schedule a follow-up appointment so that we can gauge the progress of your tooth and determine when to place the dental crown. If you are concerned about the discomfort of the procedure, we can prescribe pain relievers, as well as antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. Please take these medications as directed.

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