Perio Protect Therapy

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Periodontal disease is an infection of oral tissue caused by bacteria. Bacteria can cause inflammation, bleeding and destruction of gum tissue and bone, the supporting structures of the teeth. Damage to gum tissue and bone can result in tooth loss. The destruction of the bone forms a pocket or deep space between the tooth and gum. The pocket provides an environment for biofilm, a bacterial growth formation. The bacteria in the biofilm can enter the blood stream through the inflamed layer of the gum tissue possibly contributing to systemic illnesses. Research shows an association between oral bacteria and systemic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and respiratory disease.
In an effort to manage this oral bacterial disease, medication is applied to the infected gum tissue using individualized fabricated trays. This therapy, Perio Protect, is used in addition to mechanical therapies: scaling, root planing, brushing and flossing. The Perio Protect trays are used at home on a daily basis to control the oral bacteria.(3) In a randomized controlled three month clinical trial, Mark S. Pull, MSD, PhD and Howard M Proskin, PhD found significant improvements in pocket depths and bleeding indexes with the Perio Protect therapy.(1)

A 2005 position paper (Burt et al.), Epidemiology of Periodontal Disease, reports that 5 to 20 % of American adults have severe periodontitis, while the majority of adults have moderate periodontitis.(2) The prevalence of periodontal disease can be attributed to the difficulty of managing the bacterial biofilm. The Perio Protect Method offers an effective adjunct method to control biofilm and achieve healthy gum tissue.

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