Insights on First Aid, Treatment and Restoration Options with a Cracked Tooth

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Your tooth enamel is harder than your bones. However, there are still times when a fall or blow to the face can badly chip or fracture one of your teeth. This is even more likely if you grind your teeth at night. Even if the damaged enamel doesn’t cause pain, you should still have your dentist, Dr. Ronald Levine, examine the tooth.

A severely cracked tooth often causes a persistent ache, sharp pain, or excessive sensitivity. Even if you don’t feel any pain, the cracked tooth could still pose a threat when bacteria try to exploit the area, increasing your chances for tooth decay.

If the crack extends deep into the internal structures of the tooth, our Blue Ribbon Dental team might need to perform a root canal. If the cracked tooth is excessively damaged, it might need to be extracted and replaced in the future with a dental bridge or dental implant.

If the crack in the tooth is limited to just the tooth enamel, then your dentist might be able to restore it with a simple filling. Regardless of the severity, a cracked tooth is always a serious cause for concern. If left unrepaired, even a minor crack can harbor significant tooth decay.

If you have a cracked tooth in Germantown, Maryland, you should not delay in contacting Dr. Blue Ribbon Dental at 301-540-8808 to seek treatment and prevent future complications.