Cosmetic Tooth Contouring: Permanent Changes For A Beautiful Smile

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Do you wish that you could alter the shape of your teeth without using dental veneers? You can when you come to our dental practice for cosmetic tooth contouring. This procedure can permanently change the appearance of your teeth for a more beautiful smile.

Also known as tooth reshaping, tooth contouring can fix minor cosmetic flaws in your smile. We will begin by taking X-rays of your smile because patients who have thin enamel cannot undergo this service. Our dentist will then use a drill or laser to remove small amounts of enamel, altering the shape of your teeth. We may also do this procedure along with dental bonding, which gives us the ability to add material to shape your smile. Some of the problems tooth contouring can resolve include:

  • Smoothing out chips
  • Shortening long teeth
  • Changing the appearance of a misshapen tooth
  • Smoothing pointed teeth
  • Balancing a bite
  • Straightening slightly crooked or overlapping teeth

Tooth contouring is painless, quick, and inexpensive. Your teeth may feel sensitive in the days following the procedure, but that effect should only be temporary. Call our team at Blue Ribbon Dental if you want to learn more about cosmetic tooth contouring.