Bone Grafts for a Long-Lasting Tooth Restoration

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If you are acquiring a dental implant to replace a single tooth or to form an anchor for a denture or partial denture, be prepared for a fantastic tooth restoration. Dental implants have proven themselves with stability, longevity, and cosmetic appearance. 

When you are preparing to receive your implant, our dentist will have to ensure that the bone where the implant will be placed can support the implant. If the bone is too thin, then he may have to perform a bone implant to strengthen the area and ensure that the implant has a secure foundation. 

The bone graft can be derived from either your own bone, from processed bone, or from a bone-like material. Dr. Ronald Levine will use the bone material to add mass and strength to your jawbone. If you need height or width to the bone, he can add that to make sure your jaw is strong enough to hold the implant.

After the implant, you will have to wait several months before getting your implant so the implanted bone can fuse to your natural bone. Once your bone is ready, we will call you into our office in Germantown, Maryland, to receive your dental implant.

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