A Chipped Tooth Could Come to Harbor a New Cavity

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Some cases of chipped tooth enamel of minor dental fractures cause little to no pain or sensitivity. In some of these instances you might be tempted to ignore the issue and not bother with professional treatment. However, as time goes on bacterial deposits, plaque buildup and food particles can start to accumulate in the compromised tooth enamel. This could gradually start to foster a new cavity in the already distressed tooth.

Once tooth decay establishes a foothold, it could quickly spread beyond the tooth enamel to the sensitive core structures of the tooth. This could potentially cause an infection and a loss of the tooth. In some of these cases, our dentist, Dr. Ronald Levine can treat a minor dental fracture or chip by applying a metallic amalgam or composite resin dental filling. If the fractured area of tooth enamel is large or a significant case of tooth decay has developed, he might recommend a dental crown restoration. This treatment process is designed to completely remove the tooth’s enamel layer before replacing it with a replica made from gold, other metals, or a special type of dental porcelain.

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